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Advent of Code

I discuss what it was like stumbling across the Advent of Code challenges!
Advent of Code

Code repository: https://gitlab.com/chrisforrence/advent-of-code-2019

Back in 2018 and 2019, as I tried to figure out what I could do professionally to improve myself, I stumbled upon the Advent of Code challenge. Boiled down, it's a series of coding challenges designed to improve your problem-solving skills, algorithm-writin' skills. It seemed pretty interesting, and as I had started doing a little bit of streaming online, I started up a little bit. Had a good time, I'd work on the challenges as they released at midnight, and by the time I couldn't reliably finish the challenge before 1am, I let it drop.

It was a great amount of fun early on (even scoring my first top-100 on one of the challenges), but especially as the challenges became more tedious and my spare time lessened, I ended up dropping them.

Maybe I'll try again this year?